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GenCat offer various types of Diesel Particulate Filter and can recommend the most suitable for your application. All of our DPF systems are certified by the EST (Energy Saving Trust) for the London NRMM (Non Road Mobile Machinery) LEZ scheme, you can read more on the London NRMM site.
email your requirements and engine data or spec sheet to us at info@gencat.co.uk

GenCat Engineers have written a free downloadable short paper describing dpf's and their various types, download it now:
How to reduce black smoke from diesel engines.

Standby Power DPF
Standby Power DPF
For UPS and low use equipment
Diesel Particulate Filter
Cartridge DPF
Certified for NRMM by the EST
 Regenerative Diesel Particulate Filter
Pre-Cat CRT
For prime power and high use equipment
Particulate Filter Substrate

DPF Cleaning
Thermal cleaning for wall flow systems